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Rat-free after 116 years!
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Author:  J Kaufman [ Thu Aug 22, 2013 2:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Rat-free after 116 years!

We swung by the gas station on the way to work on Monday to buy a cup of coffee, because nobody makes coffee as good as gas stations, and we saw a stack of Long Beach newspapers that weren’t Press-Telegrams on the counter. You coulda knocked us over with a battering ram.

In a lot of ways, the new paper, the Long Beach Register, resembles the Press-Telegram because it has stories by former Press-Telegram reporters and pictures by a former Press-Telegram photographer. Its editors and publisher are former Press-Telegram editors and a former Press-Telegram publisher and its designers are former Press-Telegram designers — all understandable, because if you’re going to cover Long Beach properly you pretty much want to hire people from the paper that’s been covering Long Beach since 1897.

Did the little exodus (exodette?) of P-T’ers seeking asylum at a newspaper with an eye toward toppling the newspaper of record in Long Beach hurt us?

Personally? Yes, a little bit. We actually liked one of the people who left. Otherwise: Betrayed. Backstabbed. Sold out for some pieces of silver.

For several hours we felt mildly depressed by the turncoats, but then things started happening at the newspaper we’ve called home for 37 years. We started hiring some serious talent and otherwise beefing up the staff to replace and counter the murine — erstwhile staffers who thought they were scampering off a burning ship into the welcoming arms of a paper with libertarian/crackpot roots.
[Long Beach Press Telegram] Hat tip: Jim Romenesko.

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