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Meow mix
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Author:  J Kaufman [ Mon May 07, 2012 2:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Meow mix

If you have a choice between dancing blindfolded on a Los Angeles freeway and writing a story that makes fun of cats, consider a dance career. It's better in the long run, especially when the laughter ends:

There are fat cats, and then there is the totally over-the-top cat named Meow.

The orange and white tabby was recently brought into the Santa Fe, N.M., animal shelter tipping the scales at 39 pounds. The 2-year-old feline is so fat he barely fit into his animal carrier, and he can’t play for very long, because the extra weight makes him lose his breath easily.

His feline weight roughly translates into a human weight of more than 600 pounds.

Meow has already gotten caught in his share of cat house doors -- as if all of his nine lives are rolled into one rotund furry feline body.
When Santa Fe shelter workers saw Meow, their question was: How on Earth did this cat get so fat? Was the critter some latent freak of the nuclear tests done in the Roswell desert?

[LAT, April 23]

Meow, the fat cat whose 39-pound girth helped raise awareness about obesity in pets, has died of lung failure.

The orange-and-white tabby was turned in to the Santa Fe, N.M., animal shelter last month and quickly made international headlines. At first, his story was played for laughs: The 2-year-old cat apparently favored hot dogs, and was so fat that he got stuck inside things. He barely fit into his animal carrier, and was likened to Puss in Boots from the "Shrek" movies.

But Meow's weight underscored a growing problem: Pets in America are getting fatter -- just like their owners -- and all that extra weight can hasten death.
[LAT, May 7]

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